There are two important components that we need take into consideration when creating effective marketing strategies:

1) We need to look at what the consumers want and need, meaning, what will help them to make the choices when they are in the process of choosing/acquiring a product? This can be seen as the Science of Marketing.

2) After we know the what and the why, how do we get a message out there that will resonate with them and their needs? How do we pick and create the images, campaigns or ads that will catch their attention? This is the Art of Marketing.

Marketing is people-oriented, but it is a must for us to be able to measure their reactions. We need to find the right balance between qualitative and quantitative pieces and components. Good marketers are able to follow the consumer journey from the moment of when they are thinking of buying something up to the point of when they are using what they got (qualitative) and then follow the right data to back up their story (quantitative) in order to present the right results to higher executives.