It is important to understand which format will help deliver your message most effectively. There are three key formats that house all infographics communication: static image, motion content and interactive interfaces. Below is some information on what each one entails:

  1. Static Images:these are the simplest to execute and the least expensive, but they are the most versatile. They can be used in a wide range of applications and they can be created more quickly than other types.
  2. Motion Content:is typically fixed information. Display is animated or moving and works best as a narrative. It requires manual updates to the information, so it is difficult to make changes after finalized.
  3. Interactive Interfaces:can be fixed or dynamic information input. User interaction can include action and can be narrative, explorative or both. For example, users can search for specific data or choose which information can be accessed or visualized.

 In order to consider under which category your information will land, take under consideration your budget, the type if information to be presented and how frequently it will need to be updated to make a final decision.