It is fair to say that a couple of decades ago Word of Mouth advertising meant something completely different from what it is today.  Although recommendations have always been key in the spreading of a product or a service, in today’s digital world and the presence of social media, those recommendations get elevated to huge proportions and get even bigger results. The use of hashtags, online reviews and platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., have made this word of mouth marketing instant and tangible.

Still, it is necessary that the company invests time, effort and resources into its products, services and their marketing efforts in order to generate buzz and viral media response. There are three key factors when looking into generating positive word of mouth: Online communities and forums, bogs and social networks. Each one of these factors are tied to the fact that we, as marketers, need to form bonds between the products and the people that will be consuming them. Once consumers engage with a brand at a deeper level, naturally they will share with other their experiences, thoughts and reviews about the product and the brand.