Marketing is adapting due to the fact that consumers are getting their message and feedback across social media loud and clear. For companies now, it is all about understanding the buyer’s journey for each group of customers and how marketing approaches can be personalized in each step of this journey. For this reason, we can say these are exciting times for marketers, as they figure out show the shifting roles of men and women, providing happiness through products and being authentic and transparent, shape the way they talk to consumers.

There is also a shift in buying attitudes. Consumers often prefer not leaving their homes to buy products or services. Thanks to this there is a rise in the use of analytics, that allows to gather data to understand and track better the buyer’s journey for each customer, focusing primarily on their experience, therefore increasing brand perception and loyalty.

Customers are also seeking for brands they can relate with. This is why developing a strong brand personality is so important. The brand personality can be used as a vehicle to develop a relationship between the customers and the brand, providing meaning to their purchases throughout the decision-making process.