There is a misconception since the beginning of marketing in social media that assumes that posting content in the different platforms is only about providing content to followers in order to gain some views or likes. But the truth is that, when created properly, a good social media strategy will only serve your business goals, boost your other marketing efforts and will be a source of data for improving your customer journey.

There are 8 key steps to create a successful social media strategy:

  1. Align with the top executives and decision makers in each department on setting goals, targets, workflows and resources. 
  2. Audit all existing social media platforms, resources, photobanks and systems put in place in order to create a benchmark to measure your efforts. 
  3. Create a budget that takes into consideration the creation of new content, talent, third party costs and current workflows in order to make a cost-benefit analysis.
  4. Plan. Create a calendar where all future posts and efforts will fall depending on the time and the season of the year. Each post/effort should be tied to the goals and targets established in Step 1. 
  5. Be aware of the content that is available in archives lo leverage in the future and repurpose when appropriate. 
  6. Design paid campaigns with the focus on driving measurable results. 
  7. Measure results from organic and paid efforts against benchmarks and estimates of ROI. Make sure to report those analytics tied to the revenue whenever possible to adjust the steps in the customer journey. 
  8. Evaluate and optimize your final campaigns.