First of all, I want to share with the world something: I am 80% done with my master’s degree and I couldn’t be more excited!! This semester, as part of my Social Media Marketing class with Dr. Lin Humphrey, we had the task of crafting a Client Strategy for an Instagram sponsored campaign, serving as an ad agency and having as a client Virgin Voyages. Besides having amazing fun with this, there are some valuable learnings that I’ll take with me forever in my career:

  1. The Statement of Work is key. So many times, ad agencies run into issues and problems with their clients because they are not clear in what their services cover. Having a detailed in-scope and out-of-scope will save you from burning a relationship with a big client. 
  2. The Influencer Brief is as important as a Statement of Work. Being clear in the direction, the guidelines and the rules with an influencer with avoid many confusions and uncovered problems later in the game, when finalizing the content created for the client. 

I have to say, nothing has been more rewarding than completing this class knowing that I am ready to tackle my next big social media project.