Joni Fernandez Marmo is the definition of what is being a leader. At the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference, Joni shared what made her achieve her goals in the corporate world. Her definition of Leadership is simple, yet to the point: “Leadership is the ability to lead”. Many of us can tend to think leadership is tied to a role in high positions, but the reality is that it is directly reflected in our daily responsibilities.

Fearlessness, accountability and a high sense of completing the task assigned is what creates a “true master leader”. Being able to give clear directions, guide and direct groups is also another big important component in this path of becoming a leader. Joni shared many learnings from her personal experience, but there are 10 points that stayed in my head about leadership in any marketing role:

  1. Don’t be afraid, be courageous. Be bold and take risks. Face your fears and move forward, even if you fail.
  2. Don’t be the problem, be the solution. Stay away of being the employee whose attitude creates a negative environment at the company.
  3. Don’t limit your possibilities, be abundant in your thinking. Thinking outside the box will take your future and your career to a different level.
  4. Don’t overthink, be rational in your analysis. Get rid of the narrative that only exists in your head.
  5. Find your voice. This is directly attached to your personal brand. How we express ourselves and how we interact with others defines our success in our marketing roles.
  6. Don’t compare yourself, trust in your abilities. Everybody is running their race at their own pace.
  7. Build trust, be trustworthy. Be that person that is reliable.
  8. Don’t compromise your values. Don’t go against your core values.
  9. Big curious, ask questions. Leaders hire people that are smarter than them, so they are experts in what they do. Don’t be an impostor, ask the right questions and be honest.
  10. Consider the reality of leading. Leading is not always fun, neither is always what we think of. Leading teams can very often be a lonely path, have compassion for those sitting in the higher roles.

Remain focus. Operate with integrity. Leadership is a process that is earned and not acquired. This is the main takeaway from her presentation and truly, a takeaway that will stay with me all my life.

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