Evan Carroll shared the story of his nightmare when a glass of water spilled over his laptop when trying to meet a tight deadline. At the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference, he was sure to mention how the experience after that incident at the Apple Store shaped the way he perceived customer service. After two unsuccessful attempts to get help, the third representative was the only one that offered to fix his laptop. Evan realized this guy decided to help, exposing the dilemma that business face today: do they go the high-tech solution or the high-touch solution?

Technology never should replace the human interaction. The data in a customer’s journey allows business to organize customers into clusters, giving them the opportunity to offer “the next best offer”. With this approach, conversion rates can even a 40% rate, by simply adding the human touch to marketing. To this, Evan calls it the “Win-Win-Win Approach”. Sales employees should be customer service employees to offer the best service to customers, therefore increasing sales and return rates.

Relationship, responsiveness and readiness are the three R’s that will make marketers succeed in this crowded business environment.

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