Simon Sinek has over millions of views in his TED Talk “The Golden Circle”. He explains in this video that there are three things that are key when being successful in a marketing strategy: the what, the how, but most importantly, the why. His proposal is that the big difference between those who are able to excel the competition and the ones that don’t is that is that you need a purpose that drives you to be better than the rest.

However, some questions rose when I was listening to his podcast for the 3rd time: Is the why the same for companies and consumers? Are companies allowed to have a purpose that is only tied to driving revenue? And the truth is that this is not a “one size fits all” answer. Many companies, for example Entertainment/Media companies, don’t have a social “why” that makes them exceed in their category, but that doesn’t make them less successful. The same applies to customers, am I allow to buy a product that doesn’t have a purposeful why in their vision and mission as a company?

Although I like Sinek’s TED Talk, definitely there is more than 3 main aspects to consider when creating a effective marketing strategy.